Trixter (New Jersey - USA)
Style: Hard Rock
Guitar: Steve Brown (Kerly Music)   
Guitar/Vocal: Pete Loran 
Drum: Mark Gus Scott 
Bass: P.J.Farley 
Trixter was formed in 1983 by Paramus, New Jersey natives Steve Brown, Doug Cowie (Dougie C.), Pete Archibald (Pete Loran) and Mike Pane. After only a single show, drummer Mike Pane was replaced by new drummer Mark Spreiregen (Mark 'Gus' Scott) in 1984. By 1986 Trixter was a constant fixture on the concert scene, quickly growing a tremendous fan base. By 1987 Trixter was playing with acts like Kix and Skid Row and found themselves being courted by several major record labels. In 1988, Trixter began recording at legendary Bear Tracks Studios in New York with engineer Nelson Ayers, most notable for recording Guns N' Roses "Appetite For Destruction", on what was intended to become their first studio album. But in November 1988, a controversial move replaced bassist Dougie C (for being too tall for the band's look) with local bassist PJ Farley. In May 1989 the band landed a deal with Mechanic/MCA Records.

Give It To Me Good
Physical Attraction


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