Seven Witches

Seven Witches (USA)
Style: Metal, Classic Metal
Guitar: Jack Frost (Kerly Music)   
Vocals: Anthony Cross 
Drums: Johnny Kelly 
Bass: Ronnie Parkes 
Seven Witches is an American heavy metal band from New Jersey. The band was founded in 1998 by Jack Frost and Bobby Lucas. Seven Witches released a Demo-CD in 1998, which gave them a record deal with Massacre Records. The first two CDs Second War in Heaven and City of Lost Souls featured vocalist Bobby L. Bobby Lucas was the one who named the band and wrote the lyrics with Jack Frost. Bobby Lucas left the band in 2000 and was replaced with Wade Black who left Crimson Glory for Seven Witches. Led by guitarist Jack Frost, Seven Witches has been one of America's better exports of classic 80's-inspired metal for a number of years now, with eight albums released to date. The style here is classic American traditional power metal, reminiscient of bands such as Helstar, Manowar, and Metal Church. The list of past and present members of the band is impressive indeed, linking Seven Witches to practically every other American power metal band in existence.

Stand or Fall
In A Small Child's Room


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