Abnormal Thought Patterns

Abnormal Thought Patterns (Bay Area ,California - USA)
Style: Progressive, Techincal, Shred, Metal instrumental
Guitar & Keyboard: Jasun Tipon (Kerly Music)   
Bass: Troy Tipton 
Drum: Mike Guy 
Abnormal Thought Patterns is a mathematical instrumental trio that fuses heavy riffs, intricate time signatures and shredding solos. Hailing from Northern California, twin brothers Jasun (guitar) and Troy Tipton (bass) along with Mike Guy (drums) are the collective creative force behind Abnormal Thought Patterns. In 2008, Jasun wrote and recorded the 12-minute instrumental "Velocity and Acceleration," the track that would ultimately lead to the founding of Abnormal Thought Patterns.Upon hearing the song, Troy expressed his desire to put together an instrumental band. The Tipton brothers looked no further than longtime drummer and friend Mike Guy to provide the rhythmic foundation for ATP. The three members then headed to the studio.

Velocity and Acceleration 6


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