Evans Blue

Evans Blue (Toronto, Ontario - Canada)
Style: Alternative Rock
Vocal: Dan Chandler   
Guitar: Parker Lauzon 
Guitar: Vlad Tanaskovic 
Bass: Joe Pitter 
Evans Blue is an alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded in 2005. Altogether, they have sold over 1 million albums worldwide, including four studio albums and one live album. Evans Blue came together in early 2005. Five musicians, then in three separate bands, met through a local musician's message board. Lead singer Kevin Matisyn suggested the name, which refers to the dye that is injected into the bloodstream to measure blood volume, which he had read in one of his medical books. The band then caught the attention of producer Trevor Kustiak (Cool for August) and his partner Mari Dew, of The Pocket Studios.



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