Oblivion (Bay Area, California - USA)
Style: Modern Extreme Metal
Vocal: Nick Vasallo    
Guitar: Ted O'Neill (Rhodes Amp) 
Guitar: Victor Dods 
Bass: Ben Orum 
Drum: Luis Martinez 
OBLIVION formed with the intent of creating extreme metal music that will last the ages. Music that transcends genres and time. Members of OBLIVION all have their own unique story: bassist Ben Orum was the founder and primary songwriter in All Shall Perish, lead singer Dr. Nick Vasallo is a professor of Music and internationally acclaimed modernist composer, guitarist Victor Dods is completing his PhD in Math, guitarist Ted O'Neill is a 25 year veteran from the scene, and drummer Luis Martinez is a young musical phenom.
Email : ObtainOblivion@gmail.com



Black Veils of Justice (Drum)



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