Down form up

Down form up (Knoxville - USA)
Style:Hard Rock
Vocal : Jordan Beach   
Guitar/Vocal : Matt Brewste 
Guitar: Andy Wood (Rhodes Amp) 
Bass : Matt Reynold 
Drum: Andy Campbell 

Somehow, things in the universe just don't feel right without there being a young "guitar band" on the horizon. You can relax, because the answer is here. 

Down From Up is a guitar band for 2011 and for the ages. Down From Up is an American hard rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee. Guitarists Andy Wood and Matt Brewster, along with drummer Andy Campbell, started the band in 2004 while playing in a cover band together. Although several other members have come and gone since then, the one thing that remains constant is the band's commitment to musicianship. However, it was the 2010 addition of Jordan Beach as lead vocalist that brought it all together. Longtime friend of the band and member of another Knoxville group, when Beach became available, DFU took advantage of the opportunity.


The Last Time


The Rain


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